Become A Professional Ethical Hacker

Today’s world, technology evolve drastically because of that, we make impossible things possible but evolution in technology leave us unsecured vulnerable and technology with a loops. Which could leave with a situation of hacking. Where the hacker can easily the steal your confidential data and personal data or modify your data. They can easily breach your system security and leave you mugged.

In recent times, people needs the increased security for their system so that their confidential data do not get steal, the process to breach the system and take someone personal data and confidential data is unethical. The hackers who hacks within the guidelines of the organisation for secure the security system of the system or network are call ‘Ethical Hacker’. The difference between the hacker and the ethical hacker are hackers hack to steal the confidential data whereas ethical hacker prevent the hackers to breach their organisation system network so the organisation confidential data will secure and organisation works smoothly.


There are few steps to become a professional ethical hacker:

  • You need to understand all the hacking technique to tackle the hacker and stop the hacker to steal the data. There are three type of technique white hat technique: where follow the entire algorithm to stop the breaching, and then there is a grey hat technique: mixture of the black and white hat technique and the last black hat technique.
  • You have to understand the basic requirement of ethical hacker. Whether you need diploma, degree, or course and make sure, you do your homework.
  • After understanding the basic requirement of the course. You have to think where you want to go, you want to be a hardware or a software securities, ethical hacking is a vast field where you can choose any option and master it. My advice is to follow only one field do not try to ride on two boats at a same time. Choose it carefully.
  • Don’t forget to learn the UNIX operating system, it’s very important for ethical hacker to learn Unix operating system along with the course or like bible to hackers.
  • Once you gain the knowledge its time to understand the strength and the weakness. Right in a paper and start with the strength apply it on your system and before that make any step further.
  • Identify the commercial growth of your fields. Find a job on your field. Private or in government sector. While you working there starting your own work.

Writer of this content is Kishan Soni and faculty of Future Wings Media that provides Ethical Hacking Course In Delhi .

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