Benefits of Using Google Analytics


What is Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is a free tool which helps the user to track and report the traffic of their website. Google analytics was officially launched on November 2005, offered by google. It is most useful for the webmaster or in businesses to know the trends and live activities of the users on their website. Small business is taking advantage of this tool and helping them to foster growth by creating the curiosity in their mind to achieve more users. It helps to represent the data in the form of pie chart and graphs through which you can see the different activities of users.




If you want to create your account in google analytics then you have to simply sign up by going by going on their website ( Make your account by adding your website initially and after that you may able to see the activities of the user like session, bounce rate, session duration, location of the user, medium of connecting with your website and other features.


Some of the advantages I have discussed in my article which helps you to change your mind to execute this tool rather than paying for other web statistical tools.


1. The main benefit of this tool is that is free web statistical tool and anyone can create their account on google analytics.

2. If you are facing problem in terms of any errors or bugs, then you can directly report to google rather than reporting to mediator.

3. It helps you to provide three different types of information which includes the information of executives, marketer and webmaster.

4. Google Analytics suggests you to implement your decision in positive way. In short it advices you to move in certain direction which enables you to take action before time.

5. It assists you to optimize your website in terms of content by analyzing your websites traffic rate. The additional option also includes market optimization which improves your business timely.

6. It also offers you end-to-end metrics in readable form which helps the user to properly incorporate their activities while operating analytics.

7. It also offers various trends like summaries of executives in the field of e-commerce, conversion, traffic as well as bounce rate.

8. With the help of Google analytics it helps the webmaster to show the live location and even the locality of the users in real time.

9. You can also search out how visitors found your website and how they communicated with it through Google analytics.

10. It has the ability to track all types of online campaign.


Benefits of Using Google Analytics


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