Clickbank: Definition and Advantages


What is ClickBank?


Clickbank is the largest online store which deals with both digital and physical products and was founded in 1998. The company has more than six-million clients across world. It contains selection of e-books, videos as well as software. You can also download and add to your computer and offers affiliate program which you can join for the purpose of earning online.

Clickbank is a platform for affiliate marketers which contain the list of companies ads through which you can add their ads on your website with the help of referral code provided by clickbank. Many marketers utilize this platform to earn money with the help of each sale for specific ads.


Some of the advantages of clickbank are discussed in my article which helps the webmaster to earn money.


1. Money Guarantee- Clickbanks offers the customers to guarantee money back within 60 days. It allows consumers to shop with trust. It will enable the consumer to earn profit by sales of specific advertisement, ebook, software etc.


2. Greater Ease in Promotion- With the help of clickbank platform, you can easily promote your product inside as well as outside the country. In fact, you can create your landing page and can redirect your customer to clickbank page and you can also send them directly to clickbank and can make your product available through this platform.


3. Commission from Each Sale- As all product are in digital form, therefore it does not involve any expense related to shipping, cost in making product and other overheads. Due to this it provides 75% commission per sale to pay affiliates and it allows you to see how much commission you have received from each sale of product. However, commission on sale of each product varies because of their nature of product.


4. Diversity in Topics- Being offering digital product, Click bank offers a wide range of topics for those who came in online world or beginner and can start making money by promoting the product in any topic.

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