Disadvantages of ClickBank


If you are indulge in online activities and aware of certain tactics in online marketing then you may have heard about clickbank. Clickbank is online affiliate network program which gives an opportunity for the marketer to sell their product via this platform. You can sell e-books, software and thousands of products with different niches. It acts third party between merchant and affiliates and is reliable, secure, and instant platform. If you have any of your own digital products, then you can submit on clickbank marketplace for selling according to the visitor’s requirement.



If you do not have your own e-book written or software established, even then also this platform can make you an affluent marketer. You can do marketing of other products and can make money for your own products as well as for others. You can sell your own written e-book through clickbank and if visitors like your product then you can earn money.
Clickbank has many advantages in different aspects but concurrently, it acquires some negative trait which you might not like. Some of the cons I have discussed in my article which are given below:


1. Guarantee Problem- Though, according to their terms and condition it tells 60 days guarantee policy, but it seems to have a failure in their refund policy. There policy is advantageous to customers and both affiliates and vendors are achieving great failure. It is a problem for affiliates and vendors in the sense that if a customer ordered a product one year ago, then also they will refund to the customers without even asking the questions.


2. Cut-throat Competition of affiliates- There are thousands of affiliates in this platform offering their own products with different niches. Beginners in this field is facing problems as there are lot of competitors for the most renowned products. The product they offer is most popular because of their credibility in the market as well as more money. Rookies cannot compete on adwords as professional affiliates are already present there and it would be a huge failure to try.


3. Unable to connect with Customers- The main problem with clickbank is the incapacity to connect with customers without a different website or list. Majority of websites that are selling e-books are acquiring form that helps visitors to submit their names and emails. From this , they can simply establish a list through which they can send pertinent matter about new product that they have created.


4. Difficulty in tracking of Sales- Keeping track of sales is difficult in clickbank. It does not have a great tracking system like other affiliate sites and it becomes difficult to track how well your e-book is doing.

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