Disadvantages of Email Marketing with Appropriate Solution

Executing email marketing campaign is most effective way to connect with the customers regularly. Therefore in modern trend, it became almost popular for all the businesses to execute these tactics online marketing. But all aspects have two heads which contains pros and cons. With lot of advantage there are disadvantages of this method in an organization. Some of the organization are sending ineffective email messages in terms of grammatical error and inappropriate style of messages and results in wastage of time, efforts and money. Some of the problems which are faced through this type of online marketing are discussed in my article.






1. Your Emails can be reported as Spam: The email marketing is dealt by seeking permission of the customers before sending emails to anyone of them. If you are again and again targeting the same audience by sending different emails on their mobile devices then it will lead to your email as spam. Therefore the email must be send about your particular product or services only if they want some information from you. If anyone do not want to get emails from your company then make unsubscribe link visible for the customer for safeguarding from spam.


2. Burden in managing thousand of subscribers: If you are experiencing loads of customer and want to manage them then you should probably buy the reliable software which contains many features and customer support for any issues. As your email database grows then it becomes almost impossible to manage your email marketing without any software. As your database expands, you want to manage your time by removing the customers from your list who want to unsubscribe, send out message to new subscribers if they are showing some interest in your company and other factors. Therefore it is necessary to buy appropriate software.


3. Make your email different from others: In a day, hundreds of emails are received to the people and most of them annoy the customer who leads to either reported as spam or directly moves into trash. Offer the customer useful information by putting some efforts while composing message and build a friendly relationship with your customer through your email messages. Make the image of your company as a realistic rather than hard salesperson.


4. No one is opening your Emails: If anyone is not opening your email then it may be considered as your email has been directed to trash. This situation is only possible if you are not writing the appropriate headlines. Actually majority of people opens the email according to the relevant headlines. Try to test different subject lines and verify the headlines from your colleagues or friends to further implement your decision.

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