Google Releases “Neighbourly” App in India: How to Use It




What is Neighbourly?


Google releases new app called “Neighborly “app, which enables people to get local information from their neighbours. If you want to find trustworthy mechanic shop, plumber, milkman or a housemaid, Google is making more convenient for their users in solving these all problems. This app allows user to ask questions to those in their neighbourhood by also answering their questions. The app is giving a “serious” competition to WhatsApp and Facebook. The beta version of neigbourly app is now available in google play store in Mumbai for android OS 4.3 Jellybean and higher version.

Neigbourly app is social networking app which was released in India on May 18. The neighbourly app network allows user to ask questions and answers with their neighbors in your proximity areas. From your kitchen needs to the safest park in local, it acquires all type of questions and answers which are asked by the neigbours.


How to use it?


The Neighborly app is available in Google play store and users have to sign in from their previously made Google account. The user has to click on the bottom of the button which says ‘continue as your name’ and then takes permission to enable device location. After enabling location, it will automatically fetch your location and helps you to find your nearby neighbours.

There was an incident in Mumbai where the passenger faces a serious injury earlier this month. The daily commuter helps him through neighbourly app and asks his neighbours to know how to help the injured victim. The responses were came immediately by loads of recommendations like ask the ticket collector for first aid, take him to the station master at the next stop, call 138 for emergency and many other suggestions were coming through this app. After sometime, commuter had posted happy ending by saying that victim has received medical treatment.

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