How email marketing is different from direct mail marketing for better marketing in small business


Small Businesses cannot undermine the power of email marketing or direct mail marketing as they both have pros and cons in their own field. But the main objective of both these methos is to connect from customer either manually or via online. But both are efficient in terms of cost and an effective way to reach customers. The customer is the only medium through which you can promote sales of your particular product; therefore it is necessary to connect with your customer regularly. In a very low budget, both of these methods can be easily incorporated into the marketing plans. The measurement of these two methods are discussed briefly in my article.




Direct Mail Marketing and Email Marketing


1. Recipient Convenience: Many people are not using the email and are using the letter or postcard and are more likely to indulge in sending their mail manually to the recipient. The strategy of making the letters should be more catchy and attractive according to customer’s mindset as they want attractive and articulate looking letter to read your letter. On the contrary in terms of convenience email marketing is much more effective as you can buy software for running email marketing campaign and can send bulk email messages to your target audience without any effort but it should be only text characters. Graphical text are generally ignored by the recipient.


2. Time Consuming- Creating the mail letter by designing the attractive letter through marketing materials are much more time consuming and results in expensive. But in small business, you always try to ameliorate the mail list and marketing material. The need of sending through direct mail marketing is vanishing gradually because of digital era and therefore email marketing has been acquiring the market and it requires a only a click to send to your targeted audience. Even you can send bulk email (usually 1000) with the help of software. It is time efficient in the sense that when you send your email message to your recipient, then it does not take time to reach to the mass audience and easily available to them in a seconds.


3. Expensive- Sending your messages directly to any customer on their particular address results in wastage of money, therefore small business should target their customers and then design to send email to their respective address. On the contrary email marketing service provider helps to manage and send your email messages and these services have a free plan to manage a specific amount of address.

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