How to do PPC advertising For Best Results?

PPC means as the name suggest pay when your ad is being clicked by the individual. Many organizations opt for PPC advertising to reach the right audience and increase their conversion rate so that they can earn profit and compete with their competitors. The reach of paid advertising is much higher as compare to organic way of advertising. It involves cost but it is the most efficient method to increase sale if the campaign is optimized properly. So, efficient utilization of the features is necessary to do advertising in the budget.

Types of PPC channels

PPC ads can be run on various channels which are discussed below-
Search Engine Search engine is a great medium to play ads of the advertisers. People search products on the search engine where they can see the list of advertisers who are advertising their product. So, it is used by many advertisers.

Social Media Network

Advertisers are using social media vastly to promote their goods or services. Social media offers many features which help them to increase the revenue band create brand awareness among the customers. Social media also plays paid ads and try to reach the target customers as per the advertisers.

Other Websites

Google plays ads on other websites so that customers can reach and make purchase. It is the most popular way of advertising. The ads which are feature on someone else websites can be display ad or video ad and in return website’s owner get commission on the basis of clicks that made on their websites.

How PPC works

PPC works on many platforms and each of them have different algorithms and usage. So, there is need to know on which topic PPC works wh9ich are discussed below-


The target feature attracts the advertisers very much. They can concentrate on relevant customers which are actual lead of the organization. Displaying ads to unnecessary audience is wastage of money, time and effort. So, PPC works on target basis.

Bid strategy

PPC works on bids basis. The advertiser’s bids on their keywords and on the basis of these ads are placed on the search engine or any social media network. Bids plays very important role on placing the ads.

Ad Types

Different types of ads are displayed on the PPC such as image ad or video ad or text ads The extension can be used in text ad such as location extension, price extension, call to action etc.

Ad Auction

The criteria of positioning for the ad is based on keywords selected. Ad rank is calculated by multiplying the quality score and the bid of keyword.
Services offered by PPC agency There are various PPC agencies are there who provide campaign making responsibility. They are responsible for understanding the goal of the organization and then implement effective
strategies which have the capacity of attaining the goad, selection of the best keywords, creation of attractive landing pages which are responsible for engaging the audience and impress them. They have to decide the bid strategy and improve the performance of the campaign time to time and remove all the defaults which act as hurdle. They are responsible for each and every work which is related to the ad campaign and responsible for converting maximum leads by optimizing campaigns.

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