How to Improve you Site Domain Authority Promptly



Domain Authority is a ranking score in search engine which was launched by Moz that anticipates your high websites ranking in Search engine result pages (SERP). It is evaluated with several factors on your site like number of links, linking root domains and other factors helps the user to scale higher in logarithmic scale (0-100) and it helps you to build page authority also.


So to improve your domain authority quickly I have written top 5 tips which will help you to make higher ranking on SERP.


1. Qualitative Content- The main emphasize is on qualitative content rather than quantitative content. It helps you to drive more traffic if your content yield unique content and will be fruitful for users if they shows interest on your post. If you are executing e-commerce website or any service site then is significant to build quality backlinks and natural backlinks. Qualitative content helps you to improve your website and enhances the ranking in SERP. The user should focus on quality rather than quantity.


2. Duration of Domain- It must be kepp in mind that if you are domain age is older then it may earn a high trust than a domain with less duration. It ranks high in search engine result pages. Try to keep your site up to date to gain higher domain authority. Smallseotool and webconfs are famous domain authority checker tool for your website. The duration of domain is not significant now-a-days but quality and uniqueness matters a lot.


3. Try to build Natural Backlinks- Natural backlinks are those links which build organically on your website without your knowledge. It works in a way as when bloggers find your photos or videos which is useful for their sites pages then they link back to you. This type of links is best to enhance the domain authority of your site as number of links is fruitful in SERP also.


4. Reduces Bounce Rate- The most effective tip of enhancing domain authority is to make your content of high quality which helps the user to stay on your site for minimum 3 to 4 minutes which helps you to get low bounce rate. Therefore, less bounce rate will helps you to improve domain authority.


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