How to Restore your Google Adword Account from Adjournment



Google Ad word is an advertiser network that helps advertiser to publish their ads on search engines by running campaign. But sometimes advertisers’ faces problem while running campaign which makes their account suspended. Google adword consists of rigid policies and procedures and some of the advertisers are not aware about these policies and to not have idea that google even suspends ad word account.

To restore Google ad word account it requires persistent efforts and is challenging as the team of Google ad words is rigid and you may have to persuade them for restoring your account. So to guide and fix your account, I have discussed some of the solutions for suspension of account.


1. Search Google ad word employee on facebook:


You can search for Google ad word employee from facebook as it is the most powerful platform of social media and a great source of assistance if you are confined in this type of situation. By communicating them, it will help you to provide best suggestions reading your problem and they will guide you in positive way with their aim to fix your problem as soon as possible.


2. Take support of Google Adword’s customer care:


Customer care support becomes a major move if your account has been suspended. Customer care executives will assist you and guide you at their best in accordance of your matter. Forward your request to restore your PPC campaign account through your email or by calling. After few days google will revert back on your message with positive reply. In case if Google has not reverted back more than 1 week of span, then you can chat with them online for concerned information.


3. Fix your former account of Adword:


Majority of people open another account rather than getting former account fixed which biggest mistake which many advertisers do. This practice is often unethical and this act results in banning of your new account. It is because the adjournment of your adword account leads to adjournment of your website and IP address from where the account has been created.


4. Fix unapproved ads:


Some of the advertisements are disapproved because of adult content, irrelevant content and capitalizations and symbols in your ads. Google can also remove ads in accordance with trademark owner complaints. Therefore, proper use of trademark is essential in you ad text, assets and business information.

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