LinkedIn Marketing: Social Media Marketing Tool for your Successful Business

What is LinkedIn?


Linkedin is a social networking site developed particularly for the purpose of business community and was launched on May, 2003. The main objective of this site is to enable registered members to create and record networks of people with their own knowledge and trust. A linked In mainly focus on skills, employment history, and education has a professional network of news with a limited number of modifiable module. The ordinary membership of linkedIn is free and in this platform network members are known as connections and it requires a connections to have a existing relationship.




It is a professional networking which includes employers posting jobs and job seekers are posting their resume. It consists of connections of network members and allows us to meet professional experts of various industries in the world. There are nearly 80 million professionals on linkedIn profile and these number are gradually increasing at its pace. This platform assists you to tie up with intellectual and professional members that enable to expand your business contacts as well as networks.

If you are registered member in linkedIn, then you can create your own profile by adding your company name, your information, as well as products and services. After writing all the relevant information, you can start with maintaining a network members list known as connection and can invite others to join your network. You can take benefits from this platform in terms of your business expansion and can take a lead from your competitions. I have discussed some methods to grow your business in my article.


Tips to grow LinkedIn Traffic on your website


1. LinkedIn Answers- “LinkedIn Answers” helps the member to ask a question on any topic and gets an answer from anyone for a particular question. With the help of this option, you can communicate with anonymous people that are not in your own network which enables to build more amount of connections. You are required to select the most appropriate answers of a specific question and the person whose answers has been selected will offered with an expertise point that will get displayed on his or her profile. It helps to create more connections in various field and will able to gain more expertise points which helps you in becoming the expert people which businesses are looking for.


2. Search LinkedIn- The linkedIn search tool enables you to search out professionals that you know and even anonymous member. You can upgrade your linkedIn account for the purpose of contacting the members directly. This option helps you to build connections related to various fields.


3. LinkedIn Jobs- Job seeker usually posts their resume to seek jobs. It helps to recruit employees for your company or for other company. Majority of companies are hiring and recruiting on linkedIn, and many companies are hiring prospective employees by analyzing their uploaded resume.


4. LinkedIn Services- It is a directory of service providers that have suggested by other users in your network. For instance if you want a requirement of digital marketer for your institution and you really want experts with proficiency in speaking and communication skills, then “Linked Services” is helpful to search out the digital marketer suggested by others.

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