Non-Identical Species Of MBA


As we known MBA is the best degree for students, and this program is offered this by a bunch of schools and colleges. Lots of schools and colleges offer MBA course as a main course and the interest of students is increasing so as to develop themselves as professionals in this business world.


In MBA there are different types of MBA course and those are:

1. Two years MBA means full-time
2. Part-time
3. Accelerated
4. Distance Learning
5. Executive
6. Dual MBA

Now, we are going to understand all six types of MBA program

Two Year MBA

As we know two-year MBA program is for two years. The admission of the program starts in the last three to four months. The program has four semesters which has been divided into two academic years. In the first year you will complete the general course and developing your skills and in the second year, you will have the flexibility to control multiple disciplines.

Part-Time MBA

This program is for the employee of the office, who wants to increase their value by earning a higher degree. While pursuing this program, students can continue their job which is not possible with the full time MBA program. They can go for the classes in weekdays or in weekend’s batch in the evening after the job timing timings are finished.

Accelerated MBA

Basically, an accelerated MBA program means you will get more classes and deeper information or knowledge related to the program. This program is not related to the full-time MBA course. While you are doing this, you should know in this program there is no summer vacation.

Distance Learning MBA

This program is offered by various institutes that give you the knowledge off campus. There are different formats and those are the offline and online program, correspondence, post or email or video etc. This program is for those who do not want to leave the job while completing the MBA program degree and they don’t have enough time to go and attend the classes.

Executive MBA

This program develops for the top posted managers and executives who want to gain more knowledge .All students can do this program while they are doing their jobs. Students can take the admission from any background like profit organization, the non-profit organisation, and government.

Dual MBA

In this program, you can do two degrees at the same time. This is the best course for those students who want to save time while doing both programs at the same time. Lots of schools and colleges give different opportunities to the students.

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