Optimizing Your Off-Page SEO For Better Traffic

With the rapid digitization, marketing trends keeps on changing and is shifting from offline to online mode. More and more companies are shifting to websites in order to reach large number of potential customers globally. Therefore, the competition has increased and it very important for the webmasters and marketers to increase their rankings on search engines in order to increase their online presence. Search engine optimisation is a process with which website’s can organically increase their rankings and get huge online presence. There are basically two major components of SEO i.e. Off-page SEO and On page SEO. On page SEO refers to everything that is done on the website in order to make it user friendly and Off-page SEO refers to everything that is done away from the website such as Link Building etc. in order to increase the website’s online presence and ranking.



In Off-page SEO, one of the most important steps to increase online presence is by creating Back links. Back links are the links on other websites that are directed towards your website. These links direct crawlers towards your website and they in return increases your ranking.


Here are a few sure shorts steps to increase ranking and creating backlinks.


Blog Commenting


Blog commenting is a great way to increase links pointing towards your website. These links are usually no follow and therefore do not hold much value for search engines. But they do help in ranking of a website a little bit.


Article Submission


Article submission is a great way to get backlinks from your websites. Article is submitted to the web directories and in return they provide links for the websites. Web directories are the websites where you can submit your articles for free or paid and get links.


Guest Blogging


Guest Blogging is one of the most prominent and best ways to get quality links for your website. A single follow quality backlink is far more valuable for than that of many low quality backlinks. Guest Blogging can help you get quality backlinks from the sites in exchange of the articles that you provide to them.

These are a few sure ways to attract huge traffic and increase your online presence.

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