Some Reasons of Bloggers to Quit Blogging After a Month


There are number of bloggers in the market those are executing their blogging business effectively. But on the contrary thousands of bloggers fails to start their blogging site in a few span of months. The online market is offering different techniques which are helpful for startups bloggers which includes SEO optimization, SMO optimization and other marketing strategies. Some of the bloggers becomes professional bloggers while others suffer to execute their blogging site properly.

The mindset of every user is in the way that each reader wants unique content. The user wants the content which is understandable and acquires easy language. The moment user visits the blog, he/she can easily comprehend that the particular blog is fruitful for them or not. Some of the bloggers gets penalized by opting plagiarism tactics in their website. They simple copy paste the content form authenticated websites and paste same article on their website. This tactics further enables them to get penalized and thus results in failure of blogging career.




Here are few reasons of those bloggers who quits their blogging career in short span-


1. Dislikes to grasp Knowledge- Blogging means to share knowledgeable information to readers for driving traffic to your website and achieves high ranking in search engines. This is only possible when you have sufficient knowledge in terms of vocabulary and basic general knowledge. You need your own intellectual abilities to write on specific topic and to share with your readers. If you do not want to gain new knowledge, than you cannot create your blogging site.


2. Absence of tolerance level- If you have created your blogging site and you are working on your site with the duration of 1 or 2 months, then the mindset of some bloggers is in a way that they want their site to rank instantly and without any efforts. Those bloggers fail to achieve the objective of their website in long run. Many bloggers don’t have much tolerance level; they try for 2-3 months and quits their blogging site when they see that there is no earning or traffic in the site.


3. Money Motive- Some of the blogger creates their blogging site for the sole purpose of earning profit without bothering audience or readers, those bloggers fails to achieve the goal as the blogging sites are for sensitive audience and if you will not consider your audience then your all efforts will be in vain. Bloggers initially reads the income of professional bloggers and try to set up their own site with the wake of achieving the same and then fails to achieve blogging career.


4. Traditional SEO tactics- Advance SEO has become prominent and old SEO is now fading away. Advance SEO tactics helps your blog to achieve high ranks on search engine and gets natural traffic. SEO comprises different techniques like quality building of links, keyword research, meta tags, heading tags, inbound and outbound links and many more.


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