The Activities of StumbleUpon had been Officially Ceased after 16 years


What is Stumbleupon?


Stumbleupon which was known for its discovery and advertisement engine that suggest the web content to its users has been officially closed on June 30, 2018. The social sharing application was officially released on November 2001 by co-founder Garrett Camp. But now this application was shut down and all accounts were transferred to a new site known as Mix. On May 24, Garrett officially announces through that the application would be shutting down on 30th June. This application has served 16 years online but now the account has been transferred to, another platform established by same founder.





StumbleUpon was one of the most renowned and oldest social sharing platform which has gained popularity among the web. It has been used by 40 million users who contributed 60 billion “stumbles” after its survey according to Garrett Camp. It helps to share web pages, receives suggestion for other content and submit ratings and reviews. With the help of peer sourcing, it allows the user to discover and rate web pages, videos, photos that are personalized to their tastes and interest. Before Facebook and twitter, it has been served as an impetus force in the rise of social web.




StumbleUpon was obtained by e-bay for $75 million in 2007 before being sold back to its co founder Garrett Camp and Geof smith in 2009. In March 2011, Accel Partners, August Capital, DAG ventures, First round Capital and Sherpalo Ventures had been supported to raise $17 million that was utilized to add new feature in August 2011 by the company.

Gradually the era of StumbleUpon was being vanished and the internet moves towards content silo. The users is moving towards social networking platforms like Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc. and video site such as YouTube. Somewhat like StumbleUpon, Vevo was launched against content silo in the form of youtube which is the top 10 video siteson internet. Vevo is a nine year old music industry powered by YouTube has been announced that it would be closing down its apps and independent site with the aim of distributing content on exclusively YouTube.

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