Top 4 Social Media Marketing tool to Enhance traffic


The advent of digital era has given a chance to promote the products or service through social media platforms. There are different platforms where you can promote your services in the form of videos or photos and in my opinion the platform offered to the brand for marketing their product online is the initial reason behind their growth. There are various social media marketing tool which have created a better acumen for reaching target audience in a far more better way.

The power of social media is becoming more prominent to enhance the traffic on your website by promoting your products and services. With the help of famous tools for social media you can enhance your plan and can launch a successful campaign. Some of the tools I have discussed in my article to enhance the website in the form of generating more traffic.


Best Social Media Tools


1. Pixabay- With the help of free tool and with non-copyright images and videos it is an international website which helps users to draw out relevant images and videos for users. It is officially launched on November 2010, with alexa rank 501 on 2017. Pixabay offers nearly 11,88,454 free photos, videos and vectors. It helps for those peoples who wants attractive and high quality images and is fruitful for creative people. Without having fear of penalizing in Google you can find relevant and without any copyright issue related images for your blog.


2. Hootsuite- It is a social media management platform designed to control number of social networking sites in a single go. You can manage posts by scheduling for various profiles including facebook, twitter, instagram accounts. It is initially created by Ryan Holmes in 2008 and can add supplementary integrations through hootsuite’s app directory including marketo, tumblr, Reddit and Storify.


3. Canva- It is a tool which helps in graphic design tool and was founded in 2012. It comprises of various number of fonts, colors, templates for creating captivating graphic design. It is user-friendly tool and beneficial for non-designers by just dragging and dropping the image in the relevant place. It is most convenient and powerful marketing tool which can be used for both web and print media design and graphics.


4. Twitter Analytics- It helps the user to analyze your tweets and helps to understand their followers. It also assist you to comprehend the content how the content you share in twitter expands your business. With the help of your own dashboard, you can able to find each metrics for each single one of your tweets. It is a simple and most powerful tool to compute your social media practices.

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