Top 5 Advantages of Blogging for a Small Business



Blogging is fruitful for small business in the sense that it helps you to earn profit for your business by applying on Adsense. There are many benefits of blogging for small business if you are professional enough in writing the high quality content for your website. In layman terms, a blog is an online platform where you can express your opinion and views and can share interesting facts on different topics. With the power of blogging, you can reach wider audience and it might helps you to earn profit. So it is helpful for you to maintain your own website as a platform to express your views and to share articles.


There are many benefits of blogging in small business and I have discussed 5 benefits in my article of blogging for small business.


1. Assistance to get Organic Backlinks-


Blogging helps you to generate natural backlinks on other sites which helps your small business to drive traffic. High quality content with no plagiarism helps you to generate high ranking in various search engines like google. The quality content helps your audience to read from your site and thus helps to generate natural backlinks. The definition of natural backlinks comprises of those links in which people links your content without your knowledge. So, by writing high quality content and exclusive content with others sites it brings natural backlinks on your site.


2. Helps you to Improve Bounce Rate-


It is beneficial for your analytics building. It helps to improve your bounce rate which means the visitors will spend more time on your site if they find your content unique and of high quality. Therefore it is beneficial for you as well as your visitors because your content will built trust and allows visitors to check your site for any update. If you have posted the article of 500 to 600 words with unique content, then reader will spend time in reading the blog which enables them to stay on your website for minimum 3 to 4 minutes. So, it automatically improves your site’s bounce rate.


3. More Sharing in Social media platform-


Blogging is so powerful that if your content yields unique content then it allows readers to share your content on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram and Whatsapp. But it must be noted that you must add plugin for sharing through social media on your website. If your content is valuable for readers, then it brings them a sense of authenticated source and will trust on your site which increasingly helps them to share useful information.


4. Improves your DA and PA of your website-


In Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) of search engines like Google, the list of first result pages shows better domain authority and page authority of the different sites. It contains a logarithmic scale of both Domain Authority (DA) as well as Page Authority (PA) through which your sites performance is being judges. More higher of both authority, more qualitative your site will be which leads to be high ranking in SERP.


5. Helps to improve your Vocabulary-


This advantage I have written is because of my personal experience as whenever you compose new article of normally 400 to 500 words then you should have knowledge of writing error free content. But most of the users fail because sometimes it becomes difficult to write more precise words in articles. You can take help of google by searching the meaning of words. The more content you will write, the greater your writing skills will enhances.

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