Top 5 Substitutes of Google Adsense For Marketers to become Affluent

What is Google Adsense?


Adsense is a publisher network program that provides autonomy to marketers to insert advertisements on their webpage. The ads should be appropriate according to the content of the page and pays nominal percentage of the profit to the publisher for every click obtained on the ads. Adsense therefore is most renowned technique to earn money and various marketers have opted this platform to earn profit. It seems to be quiet simple for marketers but in practical it is not, as adsense network is framed with rigid rules and regulations and it becomes difficult for marketers to make money from this technique.

So when you don’t get any choice to select the platform which yields you money through online strategy, then marketers rely on other technique but they are usually in dilemma to opt appropriate platform for earning profit.


Therefore I have discussed some of the alternatives through which you can earn a decent amount of money.


1. Instamojo- It is a platform through which you can sell and collect payment electronically. By referring the site in any social media platforms you can earn 500 rupees quickly, it enables the user to earn a good amount by referring to the people. Instamojo is active across India and you can’t access this platform outside the boundaries of india as they have to wait for availing the benefits. You simply have to activate your account and it will hardly take 2 to 3 minutes. Majority of bloggers across india is using this platform for selling products and services via instamojo. You can easilt register with instamojo, if you have bank account in india.


2. Sell your Self-Made Product- If you have your own product and wanted to sell the products, then you can make your e-commerce site and publish these products by writing blogs about your specific products. Provide a link of your product at the end of your article so that user can redirect on your e-commerce site. Though, it requires persistent efforts but it will yield high amount of profit as compared to google adsense and make you even more affluent marketer if more traffic is driven to your website.


3. Clickbank- Being internet retailer of digital products, it gives you an opportunity to sell your product online via this platform. You can sell your e-book, pieces of software, and different niches products through clickbank. It is a great substitute of Adsense and acts as a third party between web merchants and affiliates. Clickbank is founded on 1998 and serving across six million clients across world. It is a great platform for earning and is known as affiliate network program which is secured by VeriSign (credit card payment provider).


4. Revenue Hits- It is very common platform for marketers and is the easy way to convert your digital assets in to income property. You can earn maximum profit with little effort through this platform which allows different industry’s best performing offers. You can set up you account easily through account manager and is the best platform for website monetization. Being CPA based advertising platform it pays you by effective cost per mile (eCPM). eCPM can be computed by dividing the number of ad impressions with the produced ad revenue via banner ads or campaign.


5. Online Course- If you are professional in any of the field, then you can create your website in which you can promote your skills and course details with relevant contents on your page. With appropriate content about your work and skills, you can easily generate traffic and if the visitors like your work then they might enroll in your online course. Thus, with persistent efforts it enable you to earn high amount of profit.


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