Top 5 techniques in Google Adword to get more Conversions



Google Adwords is a most common tool for advertising online service offered by google on October,2000 where advertisers has to pay to present the advertisement. It works by creating pay per click (PPC) campaign. You can create campaign to display advertisements, product listing, service offering in the Google ad network to its web users. Google Adwords helps you for conversions and I have discussed 5 techniques to get more conversion in Google adwords.


1. Targeting keywards while making landing page:


While optimizing the landing page it must be keep in mind that targeting the keywards is important to build more conversions. Target keywards must be done on Meta title tags, Meta description, product description and other areas. For instance if you are creating your web page of Samsung galaxy S9, then you must target meta title with “Samsung Galaxy S9 Specifications, Price, Comparison|(Your site name) ” and meta description accordingly.


2. Try to experiment with your Ads:


Write new ad copies, description as well as CTA (call to action). By testing or experimenting your ads it helps to ameliorate you CTR (Click Through Rate) which thus results in building more conversions to your business. CPC (Cost Per Click) will also reduce if you will ameliorate the quality of targeted keywards.


3. Importance of Long tail keywards:


While doing Search Engine Optimisation for the particular websites, it must be important to produce long tail keywords for better ranking search engine result pages (SERP). A phrase which consist more than 4 to 5 sentence is known as long tail keywards. It is because as long tail keywards are usually unique or without any type of plagiarism, so when user’s searches related keyward in search engine then it displays your site at the top of the result page.


4. Conversion Tracking:


It is a free tool that tells you about the interaction of customers with your ads which includes whether they bought the product, downloaded your app, or called your business. In order to track conversion keyward, you have to embed your conversion codes on your sign up pages before creating campaign. Some of the webmaster makes this kind of mistakes and unable to see the performance of keywards.


5. Ameliorate your Ad position:


Top 3 position are better than other position. It can be improved by improving the quality keywards score and increasing bidding to increase your conversions. CTR (Click Through Rate) which means ad click also helps to increase the conversions if you will improve CTR with the help of quality keywards. This way will helps you to increase your position of your ads.

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