Top 5 tips and tricks for your business through Pinterest Marketing



There are lot of other social networking platform which drives traffic on your website like facebook, twitter, and linkedIn. These platforms help your business to promote your products and customer in these platforms takes initiative if they are interested in your product. The marketing in social media made companies an ease in executing their existing business, Earlier when these platforms are not available in the market, then manual buying and selling is commonly in trend. But, due to the digital era each and every things are executed through online marketing. You can even buy vegetables from internet without even roaming in the market.

Apart from the above platform, many folks are realizing the benefits of pinterest marketing in their business. As it helps to pin your products in the form of images and videos. The images which are uploaded in this platform is known as pin. Majority of people didn’t operate this tool because of their mentality that pinterest is only for professionals in some sort of “design” industry, but this is not true. Apart from industry, there are different methods through which you use this social media tool for your benefits.


I have discussed 5 tips and tricks for your business through pinterest marketing:


1. Choosing relevant categories- Select the appropriate categories by searching out from your industry and pin those items which are of interest for your company. If the selected items are not matching your products, then also you may pin those items to drive traffic on your account.


2. Cross-Promotion- Initially when you have created your pinterest account, then cross promotion is necessary for driving traffic on your account. You can share your account with your existing followers in other social networking platforms.


3. Add “pin it” button- With the help of adding “pin it” button on your website at appropriate location, it enables visitors to pin any images or videos when they visit your pinboards. On the contrary, if this button is not added, then it will take long time to add a pin which leads to failure in increasing traffic.


4. Slow and steady wins the race- At initial stage, you cannot drive traffic on your account instantly, therefore consistency and patience plays a major role in achieving success. Make your pinboards attractive and alluring for getting traffic and remain consistent to slowly achieve your goals in future.


5. Don’t loads lot of pins- if you have created your account then attract the visitors by alluring pins related to your product. Don’t overboard by uploading lot of pins as it will irritate your followers and thus, they will not show keen interest as they were showing previously.


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