Top 5 URL Shortner with their Pros and Cons

The creation of URL shortner was due to the social networking sites such as facebook and twitter which contains large characters in URL. There are almost several URL shortner in the market which makes difficult to opt from those. Web entrepreneurs and other promoters commonly used the URL shortner to promote their web link on the internet. It helps to redirect on the particular webpage by clicking on a short link. In social networking sites like twitter, URL shortner helps to add the link in the tweet with minimum characters. Normally, twitter contains only 140 characters to tweet and nearly 80% of the twitter users uses URL shortner. I have discussed top 5 URL shortner with their benefits and threats in my article




It is one of the most popular shortners in the online market and almost 170 million clicks are received by each day according to their website. The bitly company was established in 2008 and it is privately held and based in new York city.
a. Vigorous statistics
b. XML data access
c. Renowned Brand
a. Unable to track third party clicks


The Hootsuite dashboard provided four major URL shortner namely,, and All URL shortner ends with the country where the domain name is recorded.
a.310 Redirect
b.API Open
a. lacks traffic data
b.Captcha code required


It is most famous google’s proprietary shortner and is a very powerful tool as it is a part of google. It is a top notch in online market because of its click traffic and identifiable name.
a.301 Redirect
b. Google recognized
c. API Open
a. 6 words long
b. not modifiable




The main feature in this shortner is that you can able to modify your link to your own text. With this particular feature it becomes most renowned URL shortner in the online market.
a. Availability of Preview option
b. Modifiable Links
c. Shortening Bookmark
a. Lacking API access
b. Longer URL




It is a URL shortner that provides custom shortened URLs and detailed stastistics. Though, it does not include no tracking feature and not modifiable.
a. Bookmark shortening
b. Short URLs
a. No tracking
b. Not modifiable

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