Top 5 wordpress plugins for ranking high in search result pages and boost traffic





What is Word press?


WordPress is a platform or you can say tool which helps you to create the website. It is used widely used in the field of online platform for those users who want to run their site with the help of creating website. It is popular content management system (CMS) and it was officially launched on May 2003. It is a free source platform which is composed by PHP and MySQL.

This platform is usually works for those who want to create blogging site. It also includes other types of contents on web like traditional mailing list, media galleries and online store. WordPress becomes more popular on April 2018, by acquiring 60 million websites which includes 30.6% of the top 10 million websites. WordPress is the most renowned website management system. It should be noted that wordpress blog is SEO friendly.

With the help of wordpress plugin you can boost your traffic and can make your website ranking higher in search engine result pages (SERP). Some of the plugins helps to enhance the website traffic and I have discussed some of the plugins in my articles.


Here is a list of Some of the Best Word press Plugins:


1. SEO Ultimate- It is a free plugin for the one those are creating their site with the help of wordpress. SEO design solution does not offer support for SEO ultimate on the wordpress forums. There is premium version of wordpress which includes training videos and custom revisions. SEO ultimate is an all-in-one SEO plugin which includes title tag rewriter, meta description editor, deeplink juggernaut, open graph integrator, rich snippet creator, author highlighter, canonicalizer and other features.


2. 404 error Plugin- If you are blogger then you are aware of what is broken links. When the visitors searches the site according to the relevant search he has made, and by clicking on sites if the visitor notices the “404 error, page not found”, then it is considered as broken links. The broken links are often created when webmaster had deleted or moved the pages.


3. Google XML Sitemap- Sitemap assist the search engine bots to find your link on the blog. Sitemap is essential for every website owner to establish sitemap for all posts. The webmaster should submit url in google only when you have created xml sitemap for your blog. It helps the bots to crawl and index your each web page links and enables to generate the directories of url including deep links.


4. Yoast SEO Plugin- It is free plugin in wordpress and allows the websmaster to give suggestion related to the search engine optimization techniques. It covers the part of on page by recommending different meta titles and shows the coloured sign on your posts list which depicts that red colour sign means bad content your SEO is poor, orange means average and green means flawless. It provides you the freedom to add meta keywords, meta description and SEO title to each page of the site. You can also add SEO title and description on image and can customize pages.

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