Top Five Ways To Rank Your Blog Post At Top

Why #1 rank is important?

If you are a blogger and want that, your website will get more traffic then you need to rank higher. #1 means that if someone types a particular keywords and your website shows on the top there is a full chance that the audience will click on your website. In a research, top five links in the google search get the 95 percentages of the traffic in a page. That is why ranking on #1 is so important for any website owner or bloggers.

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Here are the five ways to rank #1 your blog post

  1. Fix all your website issues

Fixing all your website issues will help you to rank higher in google search results. Fixing issues like loading speed, (AMP) accelerated mobile pages etc. AMP is now one of the most important aspect to rank on top on the google search engine. Nowadays almost everyone have smartphone. The mobile does 80 percentages of the google searches and 20 percentage is done on the other devices. Fixing all your website issues improve the performance of the website.  It increase the traffic also.

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  1. ON Page SEO

Onpage SEO is very important in Search engine Optimization. A perfectly optimised on page SEO help you a lot to rank #1 on the search results it is very important that you optimise your page according to the keyword that you want to rank on the search results. Reiteration of the keywords is the most important factor to rank on the search results. It contributes over 40 percentages of the on page SEO. It doesn’t mean that you start stuffing keywords in your posts. It will considered as a black hat technique and it will harm your website in the end. Start doing proper ON page SEO to rank #1 in search results.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks plays an important role in ranking #1 in the search results. Building links is a crucial and time taking work. It takes time to build the quality backlinks. Start building links by article submission, guest posting etc. build your links slowly and steadily because if you build the lots of links at the same time that will count as a black hat technique. Google will penalise your website.

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  1. Content marketing

Content marketing is the king. Latest google updates gives the content more importance than any other factor. If you are writing the same, what others are writing you will not get any ranking. Google gives ranking to that website who have unique content. Like niel patel, harsh Aggarwal they always right quality unique content.

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  1. Improve 2 google ranking factor

Mobile optimisation: nowadays people are more active in mobile than desktop, and most of the searches on google is on the mobile hence the latest google updates gives more priority to those website who have mobile friendly pages.

Site speed: site speed is important. When your audience visit your website, the loading time is known as site speed if your website loading time is more than 3 to 4 seconds your audience will quit the site this way you do not only increase your bounce rate but you also kill you potential sales.

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