What Is ETHICAL HACKING And How It Is Helpful

Hacking is the process of identifying and then exploiting vulnerabilities in a system or a network to gain unauthorized access to data, information and system resources. It can also be described as an unauthorized intrusion into the information systems or networks by a malicious attacker by compromising the security. Example of Hacking is Exploiting the weakness of a default password to gain access to the data stored inside the system.

The aim of ethical hacking is to evaluate the effectiveness of the security systems and identify vulnerabilities in systems, networks. It embraces finding and attempting to exploit any vulnerability to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activities are possible.

Ethical hacking is legally hacking the computer system and penetrating into its database .it protects the company and its owners from the breaches in the cyber security system and also aims to secure the loopholes. Legal hacking experts are usually certified Ethical hackers who are hired by various private firms, government and various companies to protect their computer system from any potential threat.

Ethical hackers use their skills and talents and some methods and techniques to test and bypass organizations information Technology security as their unethical counterparts, who are called as black hat hackers use to attack someone’s private information. However, rather than taking advantage of any weaknesses they find for personal gain, ethical hackers document them and provide advice about how to correct them so organizations can strengthen and improve their overall security.

An ethical hacker, is also called as a white hat hacker, is an information security expert who will systematically attempt to penetrate a computer system, network, application or other computing resource with the permission from its owners to find security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could possibly exploit.

A moral hacker or a white hat hacker has permission to breach the software system of a company. They look into the security issues of the company and aim to protect it from breaches in the system. Ethical hackers detect the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system which facilitates the entry of online cyber criminals.

As the number of cyber-attacks have increased, so too has the need for ethical hackers and their prominence in business across the globe .Ethical hackers work with private firms, government to test their network security systems for vulnerabilities and adversities and bugs to prevent an attack from malicious hacker. Basically ethical hacking is a way of examining or interpreting in detail the organization’s data security systems.

Data security has become a major concern now a day with proliferation of internet in departments of all organizations including government, therefore ethical hacking is a legal method to track weaknesses and find out vulnerabilities in operating environments of information systems.

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